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My Story:  Foreigner Stranded in a Foreign land


Hello, I'm Yulius Haryadi, 

Originally from Indonesia, I am what you might call a true non-US International Medical Graduate (IMG). I was really a foreigner. When I first arrived in the U.S., my English skills were limited—I could barely order food. I have never had any exposure to any US health care system. My medical school curriculum was completely different than US medical school. I have no connection to any practicing physician in the US. On top of overcoming these barriers, I had to maintain a long-distance relationship and face numerous financial struggles.

Successfully Match in Internal Medicine

However, I managed to score 258 and 261 in my USMLE step 1 and step 2 CK. I also secured hands-on US Clinical Experience and obtain high quality, personalized, letter of recommendations, WITHOUT USING ANY 3RD PARTY AGENCIES. Finally, I successfully obtained 10+ interviews and ended up matching my FIRST PROGRAM CHOICE in Internal Medicine. Here I am now, working my dream job as a Primary Care Physician and Hospitalist in the United States. 

Ideal Work Life Balance


I am married to my beautiful wife (I overcame the long distance!), blessed with a girl and a boy, and I am enjoying my life every single day with a perfect work-life balance (I only work from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday to Friday). I have achieved financial stability while working in the job that I love. 



My Next Dream

As a fellow International Medical Graduate (IMG), I understand the challenges of becoming a doctor in the USA. I have navigated many hurdles to reach where I am today. My passion for teaching has always been a great source of fulfillment. It has long been my dream to launch this service to support and be accessible to all IMGs. I recognize the intelligence, quality, dedication, and resilience that IMGs possess. I currently care for about 2,000 patients in my primary care panel, that is my current impact to the world. However, by guiding my fellow IMGs to match, I am making a bigger impact to the world, just like one candle uses its flame to light another